List of Faculty
Govt. Polytechnic Asthawan Nalanda has a list of Faculty in different Stream as given ..

SL# Name of Faculty Members Designation Branch / Subject Email-id Mobile No.
Regular Faculty
1 Dr. Anand Krishna Principal Textile Engg. [email protected] 9431887487
2 Pralayankar Kumar Singh Lecturer Humanities (English) [email protected] 9934215204
3 Kaushal Kumar Lecturer Computer science & Engg. [email protected] 9798237835
4 Sanjeev Kumar Lecturer Mechanical Engg. [email protected] 7903657802
5 Suman Kumar Lecturer Math [email protected] 8544180791
6 Jitendra Kumar Lecturer Electrical Engg. [email protected] 8102915068
7 Saurabh Kumar Lecturer Civil Engg. [email protected] 9504784248
8 Vikash Kumar Lecturer Electronics Engg. [email protected] 9736163549
9 Abhishek Kumar Lecturer Electronics Engg. [email protected] 8340628623
10 Shekhar Suman Lecturer Civil Engg [email protected] 7903446014
11 Paras Nath Kushwaha Lecturer Civil Engg. [email protected] 7541945952
Guest Faculty
12 Gunjan Kumar Guest Lecturer Civil Engg. [email protected] 9708076671
13 Brajesh Kishor Guest Lecturer Mechanical Engg. kishorbrajesh 8409749174
14 Satish Pandit Guest Lecturer Mathematics [email protected] 8863079884
15 Dilip Kumar Guest Lecturer Electronics Engg. [email protected] 7782851938
16 Pawan Raj Gupta Guest Lecturer Electronics Engg. [email protected] 8271690065
17 Dr. Sidheswar Prasad Guest Lecturer Chemistry [email protected] 9234873542
18 Rajeev Ranjan Kumar Guest Lecturer Mechanical Engg. [email protected] 9661646873
19 Arun Kumar Guest Lecturer Electronics Engg. [email protected] 9304103446
20 Chandan Kumar Guest Lecturer Electrical Engg. [email protected] 7979785054